What is prostatitis

It is absolutely normal for a man to have an erection in the morning. This phenomenon is found in anyone who does not have problems in the intimate sphere. But for what purposes this erection is needed not many people know. It is worth noting that involuntarily your “friend” becomes alert several times during the night. Usually this is due to the rapid phase of sleep, when rapid eye movements are present. Activity in the brain begins to increase, and people start dreaming. What exactly the dream is about is not so important here, it does not have to be from the 18+ category in order to achieve an erection. This phase most often takes about half an hour, although it may last 2 hours in rare cases. It is worth noting that the phenomenon of involuntary erection is not only inherent in adult men, but can also occur in boys and even embryos.

Another reason why an erection may occur in the morning is the overflow of the bladder. There is a stimulation of the nerve endings in the spine, which allows you to control the reflex function of the body. In order to diagnose possible erection problems, doctors use a rather interesting technique. A small ring, which consists of thin paper, is placed on the man’s penis. As a result, if after 2-3 nights this ring is not torn, then the man has sexual problems. To solve them it is necessary to use special drugs that allow you to normalize potency. You can buy them on the website https://svensktapotek.net/. This technique will also detect psychological disorders that may have an impact on potency.

Prostatitis disease

For those men who lead an athletic lifestyle and regularly go to the gym, knowledge of anatomy is a very good bonus. This is especially true for those muscle groups that men often work on. Naturally, it’s worth mentioning that a good musculature arouses positive emotions in females. But there is one organ that not many people know about. Even if you know a lot about the muscular anatomy, you may not even remember it. Despite its small size and seeming insignificance, this is the organ that will play one of the most important roles in the life of a man. It is located between the rectum and the bladder. Its size is quite small and can be compared to the fruit of a peach. The incision of this organ resembles a walnut. In this case we are talking about the prostate or prostate gland.

It is this organ is responsible for how successfully the seed will develop to continue the birth. It is also worth remembering that this organ directly affects the way the strong sex will feel during sex. If there is nothing wrong with the organ, then it will not cause discomfort or require increased attention. However, with an inflammatory process, it immediately makes itself felt. First of all, this is reflected in the process of urination. A man’s stream will be sluggish, as well as during the process itself, you may notice burning or difficulty. There will be slight pain in the testicles and lower abdomen. If you postpone going to the urologist, intimate problems will occur after a while. In this case, you will need to visit https://svensktapotek.net/kopa-rod-viagra/ to buy specialized drugs.

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