Tips for playing CS:GO

There are a few tips on the game that you should learn. In this article, we will name some important tips. Additionally, it is worth noting that you can buy a lot of interesting products on the site.

Set traps

Your teammate is in one position, and you on the other side (ideally cross-over) sit in ambush. When the enemy appears, your partner starts shooting, and moves dynamically, trying not to pick up the lead. His job is to get the enemy to focus the scope on himself. Ideally, you calculate the moment the enemy reloads, run out and make -5 with the knife. In fact, the very fact that the enemy has taken his aim away from you makes him a frag. This is the simplest example of team play, and it’s very effective.

Team play

Let me give you an example from a game. Terrorists plant a bomb on point “A” de_inferno. You play for the CT side. The two of you and your teammate have to wrestle the bombsite away from the same enemy. What tactic do you choose? 

  1. Should you split up, go straight for one, and go around the back for the other?
  2. Or should you go together in the chosen direction?

Nine out of ten players will choose the first option. And they will be wrong. You see, people believe that surrounding the enemy is an effective tactic in this case. If you choose the first scenario, which is to split up to surround your opponent, you will face two one-on-one battles. Each of the fights takes place independently from the other one, and the opponent has all the chances to win. If you choose the second option, you are both involved in a firefight. This is a 1vs2 scenario, in the worst case, your opponent kills your teammate and you finish off your opponent. This is called an effective exchange. If you find yourself in this situation on the T side, you need to get aggressive, and attack to try to kill one of them before they team up.

The principle from judo comes to mind, “Always attack, especially if circumstances are against you.” Most players don’t take risks because they are afraid of losing. But only by losing can you develop your own unique style.


False grenades are useless. They are effective only in certain situations, so it is better to spend money on a flash grenade, which will always find its use. The priority of buying grenades should be as follows:

  • Smoke grenade;
  • Flash;
  • The HE (fragmentation grenade).

Is the smoke grenade better than the flash grenade? Are you out of your mind? No, and I’ll explain why. Flash grenades decide the outcome of the skirmish, while smoke decides the outcome of the round. Space control is incredibly important in CS:GO! Always give preference to smoke over a lighting grenade. As a last resort, if you urgently need a flash, you can always imitate it with smoke. It’s more important in the game to throw smoke and win a round than to use flash and earn a frag. For counter-terrorists in general, smoke grenades are crucial when defending positions. To give a twist to the flight of the grenade, throw it while moving backwards. This technique allows you to throw exclusive instant flash grenades.

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