How to find a blogger to advertise on Instagram

In fact, finding a good blogger is very difficult and this is the main disadvantage of influencer advertising. Influencers are sought through agencies, special chats or exchanges, selected manually and through recommendations. You can find direct cooperation with bloggers by contacting them or their agents directly. Some bloggers may buy instagram followers and ask a higher price for advertising. You should check everything before ordering advertising.

  • Hashtags. Keep track of the most popular hashtags related to your products and relevant to your target audience. Among the publications with them, choose the most popular and analyze the statistics of the pages of their authors. All that remains is to select the one whose target audience is most similar to yours and involved in interaction with the content.
  • Geotags. If you have a local business, it makes no sense to order advertising from a star blogger, because all your clients live in a particular city. In this case, it is recommended to trace the posts on the nearest geotags and select the most active authors. You can choose from the city to the area where your company is located.
  • Among clients. If you already have your own audience of subscribers, it is not superfluous to look around for an influential author. Perhaps you have a popular blogger among your clients who are willing to recommend your brand on special terms.
  • Survey. If you don’t know where to find a blogger, feel free to survey your customers. Ask them to share with you what kind of blogs they are interested in and who exactly they follow.
  • Blogger Exchanges. If you have just started to learn the commercial side of Instagram and still know no influential blogger, then special services can help you. With their help, you can quickly find a professional blogger. On such platforms you can find mostly not too big bloggers. The pros of this method are in the possibility of making a secure transaction. All you need to do is to register and specify the criteria for the search, and then the page will display a list of opinion leaders who match the specified parameters. You only need to choose the best one and agree on cooperation.
  • Agencies. With the help of special agencies, you can begin to cooperate with bloggers whose number of subscribers exceeds 200 thousand. Some well-known bloggers also conclude exclusive contracts with such companies, and you can start cooperating with them in this way. By choosing this way, you can count on professional help. The agency’s team will help you create promotional content that will be fully relevant to the blog’s audience. Specialists will also help to coordinate all issues and will be useful when cooperating with several bloggers.

How to calculate the effectiveness of advertising

The main indicator of advertising effectiveness is the post’s payback. You can consider advertising successful if during the week after you can earn two or three times more than it was spent on the post. It is also appropriate to take into account the number of new subscribers, since they are the future potential customers. To calculate the effectiveness of this parameter, divide the amount spent by the number of new followers and compare this figure with the cost of attracting readers through other sources.

Also, analyze how much your engagement rate has increased in your account. The higher the engagement metric, the more often your publications will appear at the top of your subscribers’ feeds and the more attention your brand will receive. If you’ve placed ads with 1-2 bloggers and didn’t get the desired effect, you shouldn’t conclude that the tool doesn’t work. Maybe you need to buy cheap instagram followers to increase the authority of your own account and get more followers as a result.

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