How to Choose the Right Tapware

Buying tapware is the final point in the bathroom arrangement. Such an accessory must be made of durable components, match the overall design of the interior and be easy to use. How to choose the right stainless steel tapware for bath and shower without getting lost in the abundance of assortment? What parameters to consider so that the purchase was useful and brought pleasure? The article will help to answer these questions.

Types of tapware

Before you go shopping for an update, it is worth deciding which type of faucet is ideal for the bathroom decor. The devices differ from each other visually and by the type of assembly. There are 4 main varieties of faucets, which are easy to understand.


The most popular variant of designer tapware. It consists of a solid body, where turning on and adjusting the water temperature is carried out with the help of a movable handle. 

Faucets of this design have 2 main advantages:

  • Durability. Thanks to a minimum of rotating parts and a monolithic body, the taps will last longer than their counterparts.
  • Ease of use. To set the temperature, you do not need to alternately turn the hot and cold water valves. It is enough to turn the lever in the right direction. The head of the jet is adjusted in the same way.

You can mount single-lever faucets to the side of the bath or you can choose wall mounted tapware.  Depending on the method of installation, the faucets will differ in shape and location of the main parts.


Devices of this type belong to the category of vintage tapware, and are used most often for bath design in a retro style. The main difference here is the bead-cocks for turning on and setting the water temperature. These valves may have different shapes and are located on both sides of the spout.

Among the advantages of two-handle faucets:

  • the ability to adjust the water up to 1°, simply by slightly turning the desired valve;
  • affordable price (except for designer models).

There is a disadvantage of the faucet. Frequent operation of movable bucket taps leads to their wear and tear.


This is a mixer of the new generation. It maintains a predetermined temperature throughout the bathing. The device independently regulates the desired amount of cold and hot water, mixing it into a common flow. 

Features of the thermostat for the bathroom:

  • The faucet will turn off if the cold water supply is stopped unexpectedly. This protects against scalding by boiling water, which is especially important when children bathe.
  • The body of the device remains cold, regardless of the temperature of the pouring stream.
  • If you need to turn off the faucet, for example, to apply a gel or shampoo, then when you turn it on, the water will pour from the mixer at the same temperature. That means that you will not have to adjust it anew. 


Just by the name alone it becomes clear that it is not necessary to turn the valves and rotate the levers in such a mixer. The device works with an infrared sensor: just hold your hands to it and the water will flow. The temperature is regulated by a separate tap, located under the sink. You only need to set the desired temperature once, and the faucet will always deliver water of the set temperature.

The advantages of this kind: 

  • thanks to the minimum touch, the faucet retains its original appearance longer;
  • it looks prestigious and modern, accentuating the design of the washroom;
  • saves water consumption by turning it off as soon as you put your hands on it.

Such an accessory is good for a washbasin, but absolutely unsuitable as a device for drawing water in the bathroom. Although, some copies are equipped with a timer, where you can fix the flow for a time from a few seconds.

Choosing a faucet by type of device, it is worth considering all the above parameters. Whether the shower will be connected to it or the spout for water drainage, how the temperature is regulated, the pressure and many other things should be known exactly at the time of selection.


The next criterion that is emphasized when buying a faucet is the material. Most manufacturers that are on the market, make faucets from brass (an alloy of zinc and copper) or bronze. These faucets are a bit heavy in the hand and are characterized by durability. Cheap faucets are often made of aluminum alloy, which visually resembles a light chrome-plated plastic. These faucets will last about two years, and then you’ll have to go back to the store.

If you give preference to the bronze tapware melbourne, you should be prepared for the fact that their surface over time will acquire a greenish tint.  For such a faucet you need to look after it carefully, regularly cleaning lime scale. When deciding which faucet to choose, it is better to stop your eyes on instances of brass. They are more resistant to corrosion and dirt, easy to use, and a special chrome sputtering adds a cool sheen to their surface. You can choose black tapware or any other color you like.

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