Equipment for roofing and facade production

Roofing can be made from different materials, such as slate, ondulin tile, etc. However, the most reliable material is considered a metal with a protective polymer coating. Metal – universal coating, and can be used on almost all surfaces. In its manufacture, lines for the production of metal tiles are used. Through these machines receive not only different types of profiles, but also snaps in the roof, C-rails, rebate connections, roof ridges, etc.

Equipment for the production of metal tiles has the following advantages:

  1. the availability of tools for rolling and ribbing;
  2. correct configuration of the rollers;
  3. work with different metals;
  4. alternating rolling of plate;
  5. minimum operating noise;
  6. quick change of width.

The machine for metal tiles includes the following components: unwinder, knife, profiler, press with die, hydraulic guillotine, automatic stacker of finished products, control cabinet and hydraulic system. The equipment for metal tiles works in automatic mode. Thanks to this it is possible, with minimal human intervention, to obtain the highest quality end products. You can find more specialized equipment at

Machines for the production of facades

For facing works, most often used siding and profiled flooring. And this is not strange, because these materials are among the cheapest and easiest to install. Siding is a panel of steel, made by cold profiling. Usually have a perforation and concealed locks. Are made on a line for the manufacture of siding. The basic set of the line includes the following devices: receiving table, the frame storage, trimming device, mill profiled bending, cantilever unwinder and automatic control system.

Most models are designed to produce only one type of profile. Among the most popular profiles: soffit, shipboard and carriage. By itself, the equipment for the manufacture of siding is quite large, so it is not suitable for any workshop.

What about the corrugated sheeting, this product is also made of metal sheet by cold rolling, but it has no hidden locks. It can be produced using both manual and mechanized equipment. Manual machines have a simple design, small size, but in production require significant physical effort and a lot of time. In the second case, a line for the production of corrugated board is implied. There is no need to make any efforts, because almost everything is done in automatic mode. Usually, the equipment for the production of corrugated board is equipped with the following devices: the mechanism for fixing coils, sag adjustment device, a group of working rolls, drive mechanism, a device for cutting, a compartment for the finished product.

The line for siding production consists of:

  • reel unwinder;
  • profile bending machine drive;
  • crochet scissors;
  • control systems for work with the portable panel.

The equipment is perfectly suitable for siding production of unlimited lengths for installation of seamless facades. When choosing the devices, be sure to consult with a specialist beforehand, specifying whether the equipment is suitable for the desired result or not. If you want to find a lot of specialized equipment, the site has everything you need. It is important to use specialized modern stores, which will be ready to offer you the highest quality products. So you will have the opportunity to choose and buy a quality machine, which will help you to create excellent products. It is very important if you want to return the invested money and start earning more.

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