WCE Impact: Shipments to 51 developing countries

The Review of Maritime Transport 2018 was prepared by UNCTAD under the coordination of Jan Hoffmann, with administrative support and formatting by Wendy Juan, and the overall guidance of Shamika N. Sirimanne. Regina Asariotis, Mark Assaf, Hassiba Benamara, Jan Hoffmann, Anila Premti, Luisa Rodríguez, Mathis Weller and Frida Youssef were contributing authors. The publication was […]

WCE volunteers come from all walks of life – join us !

HIGHEST-RATED VOLUNTEER ABROAD PROGRAMS SINCE 1984. One-, two- and three-week opportunities to create, nurture and sustain the well-being of the world’s children and their families. You’re welcomed into homes, classrooms, clinics, community centers, hospitals, orphanages, childcare centers, libraries, government offices, farm fields and more on exceptional international service and learning programs.  Exceed your expectations as a […]

Puerto Rico

The two major hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico in September 2017 decimated many of the basics of life: power, water, crops, health, telecommunications, food, cash, fuel, and roads. Schools on the island are hard-hit, with little hope of reopening for weeks. We have been deeply impressed by the people of Puerto Rico working so hard […]

WCE Impact: 3,465 computer labs equipped

While computer labs are generally multipurpose, some labs may contain computers with hardware or software optimized for certain tasks or processes, depending on the needs of the institution operating the lab. These specialized purposes may include video editing, stock trading, 3-D computer-aided design, programming, and GIS.[ Increasingly, these have become the main purposes for the existence of traditional […]

4 Girls

Inspire Girls We are looking for three English-speaking high school teachers from outside of Africa to cooperate on our Inspire Girls pilot with teachers and students in Mali, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Across the world, girls are less likely to finish school, less likely to pursue higher education, and thus less likely to follow career paths that lead […]

WCE: A global education nonprofit connecting youth in developing countries to the skills, opportunities, & understanding of the internet

Global education is the linchpin of progress. Yet nearly 20 percent of the world’s school-aged children will not reach fourth grade. Another 20 percent will fail to learn basic skills like literacy and numeracy. High dropout and repetition rates, in combination with other obstacles—such as poverty, conflict, gender inequality, language, and disability—compound this problem. And […]

Content Project

For the past many years, Jack O’Donnell has been the manager of the WCE Content Project.  Jack is a former high school technology and science teacher for Chicago area schools.  He is also the Coordinator of our Chicago chapter. Jack leads different teams (for different languages) to gradually gather and secure the approvals to use […]

Seeking Teachers!

World Computer Exchange seeks teachers with students in Africa, USA, Asia, Canada, Europe, or Australia to form pairs of one African teacher and one non-African teacher with students of similar ages to co-develop a draft teacher resource to help them inspire female students to pursue careers in technology. This resource you begin to co-develop can be: an app […]

Volunteer Opportunities

An incredible network of volunteers           Dubbed the “Green Geek Squad” by The Boston Globe, our 700 volunteers are motivated and passionate about our work, lending their time and expertise to bring 21st century opportunities to youth in the  79 developing countries where we have formal Partner organizations. Interested in volunteer opportunities? We […]

Field Associates

Under a new program to strengthen our presence in Africa, WCE has hired ten Field Associates.  Several of them — in Ethiopia, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe — have already received their first computers, with additional shipments in the works for Field Associates in Kenya, Nigeria, and Zambia. This past July, WCE staff members […]

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